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Over the last several years, it has now been made possible to even journey around Jeju Island via a dedicated bicycle path. The road takes you along the coastline and passes alongside Halla Mountain, waterfalls, rivers, small towns, cultural heritages, temples, museums and more.

The current trend of cycling in South Korea has been gaining more popularity every year. Many foreigners and Koreans alike commit to the Seoul-Busan road trip. It’s one of their top things to do while in Korea. There are personal online blogs about the trip. There are even some online news articles once and awhile, Jeju on the other had has always been known as the Honeymoon Island for Koreans and some Japanese tourists. Now, even Chinese are prominent visitors. But outside the U.S. Army and Expat community many foreigners are unaware of Jeju. Ten years ago, it was even very difficult to get around the island if all you spoke was English.

Most cyclists find riding meditative. They get into a mental zone of “point A to point B” in a certain amount of time – as the land blurs by beside them. The trip becomes about how many kilometers achieved per day. Most cyclists succeed in their goal of getting to either Seoul or Busan in 5-6 days at 60-80Km on average!

This is unfortunate because Korea has a lot to offer for those who take the time to notice.

South Korea is a beautiful mountainous country whose culture is filled with concepts of healthy living. The government has invested heavily in the country’s parks and outdoor recreation facilities. Almost every park is equipped with an outdoor gym. The Han River is interconnected to other rivers throughout the country by private bicycle paths.

We wish to make a 90 minute TV documentary pilot showing 2 foreigners travelling around Jeju Island using foldable bicycles. This trip isn’t about speed. It’s about showing off the beauty of Korea. It’s about stopping and exploring places along the way that may be interesting to a global community of tourists.

It’s about promoting food, restaurants, hostels, hotels, and healthy living in South Korea. It’s about showing the world the services and tourist attractions Jeju has to offer. Our goal is to turn this into an ongoing travel television series, first promoting cycling around South Korea and then beyond to parts of Asia.

The trip is also about testing out cyclist equipment. For an international cycling journey, it’s important to have the right gear. Things need to be light weight, strong, compact, convenient and portable. Viewers wish to see what it takes to be a traveling cyclist. This documentary wishes to show safety before and during the trip. We know that safety is also currently important to South Koreans.

This documentary will first positively promote Korean tourism and safety; second promote cycling gear and innovative travel technology to appeal to tech savvy travelers. Last show has the two travellers taking a flight. This last bit is also important as is shows what kind of additional check-in luggage a global cyclist requires.

Depending on Korea Tourism Organizations, as well as other local governments and companies, we foresee the road trip taking 5 days. This additional time isn’t just because the cyclists are riding slowly, but the extra time needed for production crews to do their job and setup at various locations along the path.


To show off as much of the natural beauty of South Korea as possible, including how well the bicycle paths were designed.


To promote safety during the show, from using and explaining the equipment taken on the journey; to showing what safety measures were thought about during the designing of the trails. There is the possibility of showing safety concerning ferries between Busan and Jeju as well.


To inform the audience about South Korea, its people, its food, and parts of its culture and to inform people about what equipment was required for a journey like this.


To make a product that is fun to watch that a global audience can identify with and not be alienated or offended by.


To give opportunities to government, cities, local restaurants, hotels, businesses and tourist’s attractions the ability to promote to a global audience.

Innovative Technologies

To show of as much interesting, cutting edge technology that is useful to cyclists and travelers everywhere. This includes not just gadgets but current health discoveries and body science.

About Our 912 Km Project

An Unparalelled Connection With Our Audience As We Make an Unparalelled Journey Across South Korea...
Travel that puts the viewer in the front seat as they connect live with our cyclists, and direct their journey.

Our 90 minute TV pilot show that is aimed at becoming an ongoing reality travel series with its first season focusing on cycling in South Korea. Double Vision is seeking financial funding for the project.

Two travelers quit their jobs to adopt a new lifestyle - vagabonding. As early adopters of new technologies and ideas they set out on the first leg of their cycle journey across South East Asia.

They will show that another style of travel is possible, one where the majority of the journey is not spent in a hotel, but on the land. The travellers utilise future technologies on the road, but also engage in the history and rich culture of their surroundings.

Globally, people want something they can watch that carves a path they can follow. They want to watch something that comes across as truthful, sincere, exciting, passionate and possible for them to do as well.

Foreigners speaking about a country that is not their own, providing their audience a medium for more honest opinions. Showing off Jeju and South Korea with a kind of eco-tourism, from the point of view of two foreigners is an excellent way to promote the country in a healthy way.

The cyclists will travel around Jeju, stopping to see many popular tourist attractions, interact with locals, cook within the cuisine and explore technology as early adopters. On their exciting journey they will promote the country, businesses, technologies they encounter along their vagabonding path.


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