August 30, 2015

Current Events

It has been a poor 2 years of tragedy in South Korea. Several consecutive events throughout 2015 and 2014 pointed to safety concerns in all areas of South Korean Society.

Currently, MERS is still in South Korea and news sites are saying the country might not be declared MERS-free until September! The South Korean Government has announced a 70 million dollar help fund in order to revitalize the now struggling tourism industry.MERS Korea2

The Sewol event lead to several months of mourning and investigations which created a major red flag concerning safety issues in Korea. After the event, the South Korean public was depressed. This also led to poor nation sales in GDP. People tend not to shop after tragic events.

Safety continued to be the hot topic during a K-pop concert in which people fell through a steel grating that was not safe for a crowd to stand on.

2014 ended with a public display of outrage and anger from a VP of Korean Air aboard her company’s own plane during take-off from the United States. This embarrassing act was international news.

49th International Paris Air Show 2011South Korea currently needs some positive press, healthily promoting their country. They need it to show what Korea is, that it is safe, and great to travel around in an eco-tourism like way. To grab the global market, Korea needs a foreign cast to promote the country, so that it appears more sincere.

Now is the time to invest in a strong tourism marketing film, so that when the country is declared MERS-free, the film is ready to be released at the same time.