May 14, 2015

Government and Corporate Benefits

Why should you be interested in this project and how does it benefit your company?

The Korean Government on all levels – National, Provincial and City have a direct interest right now in bringing foreign tourists back into Korea. After the project is finished, the Korean Tourism Organization will have a professional marketing tool that focuses on foreign tourists.

future-collaborative-economy-300x225Social networking is big right now. Everything is interconnected. So how does that work for our show? With companies that we have direct product placement with, the video will direct traffic into Korean tourism.

The show is a marketing tool that showcases emerging products, so that consumers become early adopters to trending technologies. SNS will interlink with the show and fuel greater sales. Collaborative shared marketing and social selling will allow companies to boost exposure to key products. (See Figure 1)

Sponsoring companies will have their logos clearly shown – in the show, the credits and on our website.
Many sporting events have corporate sponsors, as do individual athletes. Having your logo seen is also important and we can provide that. The actors wear bicycle shirts, and all corporate logos can be seen as to who contributed to the show. This also helps in consumer/viewers perceptions of companies that contribute back to their community by participating in events such as this travel show. It’s seen as subtle community support.

Figure 1

Figure 1: When collaborative shared marketing and social selling are used together.

The show will function as an early adopter of new products coming out of venture companies from Silicon Valley and other cities from around the world.

We already have a following! Wilfred Lee currently uses Periscope, an app associated with twitter. He has received about 1,500,000 hearts for his video streaming. Hearts are similar to “likes” on Facebook. People are already aware that we’re out there making a bicycle reality, travel pilot!
Live Stream Gear manufactures products to use with Periscope. They have agreed to sponsor us with their products to promote them!

1. Collaborative shared marketing – when companies jointly market together to increase their sales and emotional connection to consumers. Consumers will in fact wish to purchase many of the products.

2. Social selling is our goal. The show will teach consumers about the products and how convenient those products are to use.

Products Currently Promoted in Our Pilot


Livestream Periscope Chest Gooseneck
Basic chest mount (shown) – allows you to be hands-free when using Periscope

Exo-Protien Bar
Cricket protein bars – alternative healthy food sources

Spiderflex Bicycle Seat
Ergonomic bicycle seats – removes groin pain, improves endurance emWave2 (shown) - Improves heart and breathing
emWave2 (shown) – Improves heart and breathing