August 31, 2015

Our Team

Anthony-CEOAnthony Jason Mills

Anthony has been an ex-pat in Seoul for 11 years now. He is originally from Toronto, Canada, where he briefly studied broadcasting, radio, television and film, before switching into business.  It wasn’t until he moved to Korea that he became involved in sound recording, acting and modelling again.

He has been a sound recordist for the feature film Haebangchon, and many short films. Recently, he helped record sound for the PGA and Golf channel to promote the President’s Cup Golf tournament held in Songdo. “Freewheeling” will be Anthony’s first reality travel documentary written and produced by his company Double Vision Media Liaisons.

Adeel TestAdeel Ahmad

Adeel has lived in South Korean for 7 years now.  He is originally from Toronto, Canada. He currently works at the Korea Military Academy. He has a master’s degree in Education and a Bachelor’s degree in philosophy.  He is fluent in Korean, having passed TOPIK level 6. Adeel has excellent organization and professional skills.  He is excited to be a part of this film project.


Aurélien Lainé

Aurélien is a Seoul based, French born filmmaker who spent most of his life living in different countries such as England, Italy, Australia and New Zealand. He started to write fiction in his early twenties while working in Italy and moved to screenwriting from New Zealand. He wrote, directed and produced several short films and a comedy web series and produced two feature films (Amiss and Haebangchon) and the documentary.

Thomas Maitland

Thomas was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa.  He received his training at the University of Cape Town, where he was first exposed to Korean cinema. Originally focused on documentary film making, Cape Town served as a socio-political hotbed for minority group issues that continue thematically into his progression of narrative film making.

‘A Man’s World’ marked his debut feature film. A Korean language film which draws on the influences on both Korean soap opera ideology and subversive Korean art cinema. He then worked as director of photography on “Haebangcheon” another Korean feature film and a number of short films. He is also currently working on an online food show, “Kimchi Hangover” under ‘What’s Next’ productions.

Will Preston

Will is a director, writer and cinematographer with over 7 years experience engaged in video production. His experience has ranged from developing entertainment at the BBC to winning awards in the ’48 hour film festival’. He graduated from the University of Manchester with a combined honours degree in Digital Media and Management Systems. Born in the UK and brought up in Mexico and France, he now resides in South Korea, contributing to the film industry with music videos, promotional films, and short movies. He hopes to continue to create a variety of influential and captivating content for audiences to enjoy.

Jaye Wynn

Jaye is from Atlanta, Georgia USA. She’s been in Korea for 5 years. She graduated as a Sound Engineer back in 2001.  Jaye has had a lot of sound projects while being in South Korea, from 48 hour film festival to Ariang TV. She is currently working as Set Producer and sound engineer on a Steam-punk themed short, “A Hum of Shadows” currently being filmed in Korea and also “Kimchi Hangover” an online food show.